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At HP Trends we specialize in all aspects of the Ford FE Big Block and Ford Small Block tri-power systems. The FE 3x2 systems were originally designed for the Ford 390-406 FE engine but work equally well on all FE engines ranging from  352 through 428 cubic inches, even on today's modern 427 big inch stroker motors. Our systems will easily support a 400 to 450 horsepower 390-428 engine and have been proven capable of supporting 550 plus horsepower in stock form with a simple port match on bigger cubic inch stroker motors. The Ford Small Block systems are equally suitable of supporting 500 horsepower with the availability of stroker kits, good flowing heads and the increased cfm of the new Holley re-issued Tri-power carbs.

We are a authorized dealer of the new Holley tri-power carburetors. We have been using these exclusively on our systems for several years and are by far the best bang for the buck. All 3 carburetors for the FE are now 350 cfm and the Small Block carbs are 325 cfm for the inboard and 350 cfm on the outboards. They feature reinforced metering blocks, power valve blowout protection, modern accelerator pumps, non-stick gaskets and come with the correct Holley list number and Ford part number. Best of all is they're not 50 year old pieces that have undergone multiple rebuilds, stripped threads, machining, loose or missing boosters, etc. They're brand new with all of the modern updates and come with a complete Holley warranty.

We also have intake manifold accessories for all Ford FE intakes. Regardless if it's a single 4v, 2x4 dual quad or 3x2 tri-power intake, we carry items such as intake oil separator baskets, tall heater hose fittings, oil fill tubes, PCV breather plates, water pump bypass fittings, along with other various items that can be found on our "Miscellaneous Parts" page.

All of our tri-power restorations consist of media blasting and thoroughly cleaning the intake manifold and inspecting the exhaust cross over to insure there is no damage or "rot out" to the intake.  All reproduction items such as air cleaner assemblies, progressive tri-power carburetor linkages, fuel logs, oil fill tubes, intake manifold rear breather baskets, etc, are of the highest quality American made parts from original Ford tooling. They are then assembled with new carburetors and we synchronize the linkages, all curb idle and idle fuel mixtures are adjusted and accelerator pump gaps are set to spec. These are the most complete bolt on intake systems you'll find anywhere and even come with complete PCV system installed and includes intake gaskets.

If you're more of a "do it yourselfer" and like doing your own work then the "3 Deuces Version 2"  is the perfect tri-power technical guide. 3 Deuces Version 2 covers everything on Ford 3x2 tri-power intake systems for the 390-406 Ford FE engines originally used in the Ford Galaxie and Ford Thunderbird you'd ever want to know. 3 Deuces is the perfect tool for anybody restoring, rebuilding, or tuning their 332-428 Ford/Holley tripower set up.



What does 3 Deuces Version 2 cover?
3 Deuces offers technical discussion on:

Part numbers - Intakes manifolds - Carburetor inspection - Carburetor repair - Carburetor upgrades-Carburetor "hard to find parts" - Carburetor assembly - Carburetor adjustments - Installation and linkage adjustments - Running adjustments - Carburetor tuning - Performance tips.


3 Deuces Version 2 is comprised from 30 plus years of first hand experience restoring and tuning the FE tri-power system and is available as an online download. This is absolutely the most informative technical information available on Ford FE tri power systems. Not only does it contain the technical data but 3 Deuces Version 2 also covers complete set up and installation, linkage adjustments, performance upgrades, extensive part numbers for ordering hard to find carburetor parts, carburetor tuning for street strip applications, and much more. Thanks to this age of digital photography, 3 Deuces Version 2 is loaded with high quality close up color photographs to give visual step by step procedures. 3 Deuces Version 2 offers all of the technical information needed to make your tri-power system with its Holley list #2436/2437, #2497/2498/2499, or #3208 carburetors a true screamer. 

Ford FE Thunderbird
                              3x2 Intake System.


What are the benefits of 3 Deuces Version 2?

The benefits of 3 Deuces Version 2 are many! Thanks to digital photography each photo is a high quality color picture. There are no pages to be lost, torn, wrinkle, or spill things on as with a book or manual. Print out only the information needed for reference when working on your engine or print out the entire document. If it gets greasy or dirty throw it away, you can always print it out again, unlike a book or manual. 

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For complete tri-power systems I have for sale visit my "Systems For Sale" page. Also visit my "Miscellaneous Parts" page for intake manifold accessories.

I promptly reply to all e-mails but many times they won't go through and are returned to my inbox as an "Error". I can also be reached at 440-364-5426 between 12:30pm - 4:00pm Eastern time, ask for Ken.

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